... A safe haven for those in need




Abetavu has grown and expanded in ways that we could not have even imagine. From a family with six children to a full house of 19 children our family has grown in leaps and bounds. Our children have and continue to bless our lives beyond measure. After moving to the village we broke out of our comfort zone and reached out with intentions of raising up an entire community. We are the only grassroots project in our entire village and we have taken on a large responsibility. We do not believe in hand-outs but inturn hand-ups. Our goal is to teach our community and equip them with the resources to better their own lives. We strongly encourage education for the girl child, women and all children of school age through our sponsorship program, adult literacy classes, community library and homework clubs. We believe that everyone has a voice that deserves to be heard. We provide family and individual counselling, advocacy for women and children and when necessary emergency shelter. We try our best to discourage idle behavior among youth by running a daily boys soccer club and a teen girls support group. We have recently made a strong initiative to break down the barriers and misconceptions of people with special needs by starting a day care project for children and youth with special needs and a support group for the parents/guardians. We need your support so that we can continue to move our projects forward and reach out to even more people in need. Please help us give them hope for a brighter future. (You can find the donation buttons at the bottom of each page)